Magyar Izek
Flavours of Hungary)
  Suomalaisten Makua  
Flavours of Finlan
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Mummu's World Famous
Pizza Dough Recipe
For 2 Large Pizzas

10 Ounces (1 1/4 Cups) 80º F / 27º  C  Water
4 Tbsp. Vegetable Oil
4 Cups All Purpose or Bread Flour
1 Tsp. Sugar
1 Tsp. Salt
2 1/2 Tsps. Active Dry Yeast
  Knead dough and let it rise in a warm
place for 30 minutes.

Roll out and spread dough with tomato sauce or paste. Add your favorite topping.

Bake in the oven at the highest temperature setting for the oven,
for approximately 10 min.
(Keep an eye on it the first couple of times,
until you get used to the oven and the time
it takes for the crust to get to a golden colour.)

Chinese Food

The preparation:

Meat: cut 300-400 grams of meat for each dish (chicken, pork or beef) into ¼” strips and fry them in peanut oil.

Beat 6 eggs and a pinch of salt in a bowl with a fork or whisk, and make into a thin omelet with peanut oil. Cut into ¼”x2” slices.

Cook 1 cup of rice with chopped green onions, 1 Tbsp. of Soy Sauce and 1 ½ cups of chicken stock.

(You can also use vegetable or beef stock, but chicken is preferable.)

Cook a bag of Chinese noodles.

If you want to make sweet and sour:

Barbeque or bake ½ KG. of pork short ribs.

Mix 1 Tbsp. Tapioca Starch and 2 Tbsp. Soya Sauce.

Vegetables: Cut onions, peppers, celery, Bok Choi, broccoli into approximately 1” pieces, slice some carrots.

Peel and slice some ginger and garlic to thin pieces.


The cooking:

For the rice:   Add ½ of the cut egg omelet and the meat you wish to use, to the precooked rice, and fry the rice with peanut oil.

For the noodles: Add ½ of the cut egg omelet and the meat you wish to use to the noodles, add some green onions and beansprouts,

and fry in peanut oil.

For the sweet and sour: Heat the short ribs with plum jam (I use quince jam, but it is hard to find in stores.) and add vinegar to taste.

For the vegetables:(Use the highest heat possible.)

Fry the cut onions and peppers in peanut oil. When onions start to caramelize add the rest of the vegetables.


When vegetables have cooked, pour on the Tapioca mixture and mix thoroughly for approximately 1 minute.